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New Zealand Travel Tips

Legend has it that Maui, the Maori hero of legend, is said to have caught and hauled the North Island of New Zealand from the sea, for this purpose he needed a large sturdy canoe, which he found in the larger and geologically older South Island.

New Zealand has a lot to offer the visiting travellers that enjoy shopping , including items that are not readily available in most other countries . Such as traditional Maori bone and greenstone carvings to sheepskin rugs and hand wool sweaters .A number small towns in popular tourist areas have galleries where local craft people sell their goods. Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch have major markets where artisans sell unique products. New Zealand has few trade tariffs and no import licensing , goods such as cameras and hi-fi equipment are very reasonably priced .

New Zealand wines, meat products, sea food , dairy products and fruit are always a good idea to sample .Tourism New Zealand posts a yearly calendar of events around the country on its website . Daily newspapers and magazines such as North and South , The Listener and Metro also provide details about current events and upcoming performances .


There are more than 400 golf courses in New Zealand, more per head of population than any other country . Green fees for a club in rural areas can be as low as 10 NZ$, more exclusive club charge s little as NZ 60$. Weekends are often reserved for members but do have reciprocal membership with overseas clubs allowing visitors to play at any time. Major clubs have carts and clubs for hire.


Sky Tower , opened in August 1997. which is 328-m (1,076-ft ) is a spectacular tourist, broad casting and telecommunication facility . It has taken over from Sydney’s AMP Tower as the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. The tower which is part of Harrah’s Sky City, is visited by almost one million people per year. From the observation deck it is possible to see over 82 km or 50 miles.

City of Sails

Auckland is reported to have the greatest or most number of pleasure boats per capita of any city in the world. Yachting has been a popular pastime in Auckland since the 1870’s, when the first sailing regattas were held in the Waitemata Harbour. Safe harbours and many nearby scenic islands make sailing attractive to overseas visitors  

Tamaki Drive , east of the city , shows Auckland at its best . The road crosses Hobson Bay and closely follows the waters edge past Okahu Bay , Mission Bay and St Heliers Bay . The views across Waitemata Harbour towards Rangitoto island and Devonport are stunning. Many of the more upmarket homes are located on Tamaki Drive or just off it , many tourist buses make a small detour through nearby Paritai Drive . Small sandy beaches such as the one found at mission bay are major tourist spots along Tamaki Drive .

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