Mauritius travel tips

Mauritius travel tips to make your stay memorable

marlin fishing

marlin fishing

Te beauty of Mauritius is undisputable and each year visitors enjoy its wonderful scenic beauty, incredible white beaches, the beautiful palms that fringe the beaches, the coral reefs, the range of water sports and other entertaining sports are varied and will keep many people occupied for hours.

Who cannot resist enjoying time on a catamaran, water skiing, windsurfing, Deep sea fishing, para sailing, divine, Adventure sport, Golf, Tennis, volley ball, swimming, sunbathing and the list goes on.

Other interesting things to do are hiking, backpacking, exploring the forest with their unique bird life and flora and fauna, visiting the natural historical sites such as interesting craters, looking for the giant lilies, all these wonderful things keep the visitors mesmerized.  Let’s not forget the markets and interesting shopping venue, local crafts, bargaining and haggling with the local traders is all part of the enjoyment of the island.

Mauritius travel tips

Currency and payment methods

The currency of the island is the Mauritian Rupee, this is only acceptable on the island and nowhere else so be sure to change any money left at the end of your visit, Foreign currency brought into the country is not restricted, and Euro’s and travellers cheques are always welcomed. However the export of foreign currency is limited to the amount you have declared on you arrival. You will be able to exchange your money at the airport, especially when you depart to change your Rupees to the currency of your choice.

Most hotels and large establishments will accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express.  The larger hotels will also exchange travellers cheques so ask when you book some hotels will also exchange bank notes.


If you have appliances, such as cameras, cell phones hair dryers, shavers that need electricity, then it important to note that 50Hz, 230volts, the continental 2-pin plus are the most common plugs, but a 3-pin round and the flat plugs can also be found.   It’s a good idea to take a travel plug.


Tipping in hotels and restaurants is not compulsory it is purely at the discretion of the customer; however, a 10% government tax is automatically added to all bills. Contrary to other countries tipping for Taxi’s in Mauritius is not customary.


People over one year of age who come from area that are infected with yellow fever need to be vaccinated and produce a certificate to that effect.  Visitors are also advised to take precautions against the following:

Malaria (it exists in some of the rural areas, there is, however, no risk on Rodriques island, polio, hepatitis A and typhoid. Other areas of health concerns are the constant high humidity, sinusitis, hay fever, (July/August) influenza risky all year round, and diarrhoea.  Use mosquito repellents best to prevent than cure.

Visiting places of tradition and religion

Respect the islands traditions and various religions, when visiting shrines and temples dress appropriately, this is where the shorts and mini-skirts should be left at home and more sober mode of dress be worn.  Mosques and temples require visitors to remove their shoes, please do so.  Generally on more public places such as the beach then beach wear will be appropriate. Other places casual wear is suitable.


The people of Mauritius are friends and very accommodating. When visiting friends then a small gift of gratitude is acceptable.  The Mauritian people also accept a handshake as a form of greeting.


Visitors who are over the age of sixteen years of age are allowed to import duty-free items:  250grams of tobacco (this includes cigarettes and cigars) 2 liters of wine, beer, ale, 1 liter of spirits.  A quarter of a liter of eau de toilette, and perfume not exceeding 10cl, Plants and plant material are forbidden without a special permit from the Ministry of Agriculture.

We hope the above Mauritius travel tips will helpful and make your stay in Mauritius enjoyable.

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