Mauritius Beaches

Mauritius Beaches Are Wonderful Holiday Places For Total Enjoyment

Everyone loves beaches and Mauritius beaches are known for their beauty and excellent holiday enjoyment.  One of the aspects of Mauritius beaches is that they are unspoilt and clean which attracts visitors from all over the globe.

The beach at Le Morne

The beach at Le Morne

Mauritius beaches are very popular with people from all ages and from teens, middle ages and even enjoyed by the elder visitors.

One interesting thing about the beaches of Mauritius is that some have white waters and others have blue waters

Mauritius has a coastline of approximately 200lms in length, one of the characteristics of the shoreline is the small bays with some isolated stretches of beach that has filao forests. The contracts and variety of the beaches are worthy of be totally isolated such being on a desert island to some very lively and trendy beaches with something for everyone.

The sand is that wonderful white coral sand and contrasts beautifully with the blue skies and the azure colours of the sea. The coral reefs protect the lagoons from dangerous sharks and also major waves. You will be amazed how crystal clear the water is. Water temperatures range from 22°c to around 29°c depending on what time of the year you visit.

The beaches are wonderful places for family holidays, that romantic getaway, honeymoons, weddings and plenty of wonderful entertainment. Many of the calm beaches are suitable for children and even reasonably safe for non swimmers.  However children should never be left unattended at any place where there is water.

The Mauritius beaches are freely accessible to the public, with parking facilities and sanitary facilities.

Take a visit to Tamarin Bay, and enjoy the wonderful coral reefs, this beach is ideal for surfers, and the best time for surfing is during the winter months. Relax under the shade of the Casuarinas trees and magnificent palms.

The Belle Mare beach is very popular with the tourists, the waters are calm and it as a wonderful deep lagoon, situated on the East Coast it has wonderful white sands, during the week its not so busy but weekends both tourists and locals flock to the beaches.  There are several wonderful hotels with all the necessary amenities.

Grand Baie Beach is quite popular for visitors as it has a trendy shopping scene; beautiful boutique shops plenty of crafts.   This is a high scenic beach and perfect to photograph, the fun times are usually mid morning and the late afternoon when there is the highest activities.  Weekends are usually very busy with both locals and tourists. Popular sports are water skiing, wind surfing, aquatic sports and yachting.

Le Morne Beach, another popular and trendy beach, with lots of tourist attractions, dense forests and wonderful coral reefs.

The blue bay beach is ideal for outdoor activities, which are usually enjoyed during mid morning and afternoons.  The beaches are more quiet during the week but very busy at weekends.

Other popular beaches are beach Mont Choisy, the Péreybère beach, the Ponte aus Canonniers, Trou aux Biches, and Ponte aux Piments.

The choice is wide and varied and any visitor can usually find a good beach to enjoy the day.

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