Las Vegas Tours

Las Vegas Tours

Most Las Vegas tours appeal to the people on vacation who have lots of time on hand and as well as seniors who prefer to leave driving to others. It is quiet easy to tour the Strip on your own via taxi, mono rail, bus foot or car rental .Las Vegas tour'sThe Hoover Dam package tour which includes free hotel pickup and drop off can save a lot of ticketing headaches, check in your hotel lobby notice board to see what tours they have to offer  The Hoover Dam is a spectacular tour and sight to see . The Dam was built to subdue the flood prone banks of the Colorado River and provide water and hydroelectric power to thirsty cities such as Las Vegas and surrounding towns were power consumption is high, also known as the Boulder Dam took more than 5000 men five years to construct.

The Dam was finished in 1935, but not with ought casualties of 95 men dieing. Their labour produced the graceful curve and art deco style of the 726 ft Hoover Dam at a cost of $ 175 million . Tickets are obtained at the visitors centre and the surface tours are normally limited to two – hour self guided tours

Grand Canyon Tour

The Grand Canyon Tour is regarded as one of North America’s most famous natural spectacular attraction You must experience for your self the aw some magnitude and sight by gazing far down into the multi layered rock formation , cliffs and crevices , the river rushing far below the shimmering blue of the hot sky and the vast space in between the canyon . The Canyon is 227 miles long and neatly a mile deep , the South rim is normally the busy side .

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