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Australian Holidays

Predicting New Zealand Weather

Predicting New Zealand Weather New Zealand is a relatively informal society. The people are relaxed friendly open and enjoy sharing their country with overseas visitors and are happy to assist tourists needing information or help. Spring, Summer and Autumn from … Continue reading

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Australian Travel Tips

Australian Travel Tips Planning a trip to Australia, the land down under? Here are some Australian travel tips to bear in mind before you pack. All in all this is a very safe country where tourists are left undisturbed and … Continue reading

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Australian Travel Map

Australian Map One of the largest countries in the world and forms part of the continent Australasia, the Australian map reveals much about the features of the country. Australasia includes New Zealand and other islands off the Australian coast. There … Continue reading

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Australian Hotels

Australian Hotels Australia is full of top notch and modern architecture and beautifully designed hotels. A trip to this beautiful and clean country must invariably include a stay in one of these magnificent establishments. With popular global names like Sheraton … Continue reading

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Australian Holiday Packages

Australian Holiday Packages Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and because of this there is so much to do and see here. Before picking out one of the many Australian holiday packages, decide if you would like … Continue reading

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Australian Culture

Australian Culture Landing in Australia you will be greeted by a very westernised culture despite the fact that this land was first inhabited by aborigines as far back as 60 000 years. Much of the reason for the westernisation of … Continue reading

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Australia Beaches

Australian Beaches Australia is responsible for so much of the surfing slang and much of the surfing gear is named after typical Australian surf phenomena. Australia really has become famous for good beaches and great beach weather, not surprising with … Continue reading

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Predcting Australian Weather

Predicting Australian Weather Australia is a large country and therefore there is a great variance in climate between the north and the south of the country. The northern parts seem to be more tropical and humid while the southern areas … Continue reading

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