Booking flights to Mauritius

Booking flights to MauritiusMauritious is a beautiful island which is situated in the Indian Ocean.  It lies off the coast of Africa and

Fiights to Maritius

Fiights to Maritius

just East of Madagascar.  With a warm temperate climate, it is an ideal holiday destination with much to offer tourists.

The island is of volcanic origin, with safe lagoons and pristine beaches, and wonderful barriers of coral reefs. The island has a rich history, it was well known by the Arabs in the tenth century,  the portuguese discovered it in 1505 by Pedro Mascarenhas a portugese navigator,  later between 1598 until 1712 the Dutch oppcupied it, then it was occupied by the French between 1715 untill1810, the island was then ceded to Great Britian during 1814, this continued until 12th March 1968 when Mauritious became independent.   On 12th March 1992 the day was proclaimed as Republic Day.

Flights to Mauritious come from all corners of the globe  and booking flights to Mauritious is as easy as contacting your travel agency. Mauritious has its own airlines called Air Mauritious and they operate over 30 weekly flights from major European cities and Australia, South African Airways flies from South Africa, British Airways flies from United Kingdom, Air India flies out from India, Air Austral flies out from Reunion, Air France has flights from France,  Emirates (the United Arab Emirates airlines) offers 1st class travel, Malaysia Airlines have been voted to have the best cabin staff.

Air Mauritious operates a business class and and economy class, the business class offers passengers to be able to check in at specially allocated check-in desks, can use the business lounge at the airport.  They have a generous baggage allowance of 30 kgs, comfort on board the plane includes large seat back televisions, noise cancelling headsets, and lie-flat seats for passenger comfort.

The Economy class has a smaller baggage allowance of 23kgs, meals and beverages are complementry, and entertainment is provided on some aircraft with individual seat back televisiotns.

Special meals can be provided if ordered 36 hours prior to departure of flight.

When booking flights to Mauritious, don’t over look some of the smaller airlines who can offer special discounts, some travel specialists such as,,,, and these smaller travel agencies can save clients quite large discounts.  Remember discounts are not always available so ask to find where you can find various discounts.  A search on the internet might help in this regard.

Another aspect to look at is last minute flight deals.  Each airline needs to fill their seats to capacity, it does not pay an airline to run flights with empty seats. Sometimes you can pick up a last minute discount deal on a flight that is not filled to capacity.  Don’t be afraid to ask for special discounts and deals.  Money saved on fares can be put to use on your holiday on the island.   Your’re sure to want as much extra spending money, there is so much to see and buy on the island.

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