Australian Travel Tips

Australian Travel Tips

Australia dream holiday

Australia dream holiday

Planning a trip to Australia, the land down under? Here are some Australian travel tips to bear in mind before you pack.

All in all this is a very safe country where tourists are left undisturbed and the crime rate is very low. Take the usual precautions by not leaving valuables lying around and hotel doors unlocked and unattended, your biggest threats, however, are the natural hazards.

The great outdoors

You will likely find yourself enjoying nature walks, the surf, beach and sea as well trips into the outback. Bushfires are common and uncontrolled can be dangerous. If you see a fire burning, report it as soon as you can, or alert a local who will know what to do. Added to this, do your bit by lighting fires only in areas where fires are allowed and always put it out completely. Be wary of smoking and disposing of matches and cigarette butts.

When out hiking, avoid snake bites by wearing appropriate footwear and consider covering your legs if you are going to be venturing up bush paths.

Where sand and water meets

The sea is great and lots of fun to be had. Be careful of strong tides and rips that can pull you under, for this reason stay within the swimming flags. This is the area deemed to be the safest for swimming and patrolled by lifeguards more closely. If a shark or crocodile has been sighted there are always warnings, be vigilant when it comes to taking note of these and keep to where the life guards are. Crocodile and shark attacks are usually fatal.

The sea is also full of stingers or called box jelly fish during the hot months, especially in the Great Barrier Reef. If in doubt always consult a guide and enquire about protector clothing.

Summer sun

The Australian sun is hot and ruthless. Always wear sunscreen and a hat, whether you are on the beach

Ausralian suntaning and relaxing

Ausralian suntaning and relaxing

or taking a stroll in the outback. Don’t let the presence of clouds fool you, they may not be penetrable by the heat of the sun but they are by the ultra violet rays, responsible for painful sunburn.

Travel documents

Before you leave be sure that your travel documents are in order. Tourists, with the exception of New Zealand residents, are required to apply for and be in possession of a valid tourist visa stamped into your passport. This must be done in your home country and is usually valid for a period of 3 to 6 months. If you are intending to work in Australia during your holiday, you must have applied for a Working Holiday Visa.

Getting around

From the airport to your chosen destination there are bound to be very many options for getting around from bus and private taxis, to other forms of public transport. When making your travel arrangements, be sure to bear this in mind and make enquiries.

Most of the Australian travel tips are centred around pre-booking arrangements and environmental hazards. Take precautions and pack appropriately. And most of all, enjoy your stay in this beautiful and unique country.

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