Australian Travel Map

Australian Map

One of the largest countries in the world and forms part of the continent Australasia, the Australian map reveals much about the features of the country. Australasia includes New Zealand and other islands off the Australian coast. There are eight Australian states.

Australian travel map

Australian travel map


Found on the east side of the country, Queensland has an extensive coastline and includes in its southern regions the Gold Coast, a very popular holiday resort filled to capacity with attractions of all sorts and brimming with tourists and beach go-ers even in the cooler winter months. The capital of this state is Brisbane while the other large town in the northern areas is Cairns. The Whitsundays beach and area can be found just south of the northern city of cairns, a popular beach and well known for the pristine sand and views.

Western Australia

This state takes up the entire western coast with by far the longest stretch of coastline. It also includes the greatest chunk of the outback and despite being one of the largest states it is the least densely populated. The largest city in Western Australia is the southern city of Perth which is the world’s most populated isolated city.

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The Northern Territory

North and central, the capital here is Darwin, almost positioned at the northern most point of the country. Here you will find the Kakadu National Park, an Australian heritage. Also containing a large portion of the outback, this part of the desert is considerably more mountainous where you can find the Macdonnell Ranges and Kings Canyon.

Southern Australia

Almost a mirror image of the Northern Territory on the Australian map, Southern Australia is one of the smallest states. The capital is Adelaide and right on the coast, it is in close proximity to the borders of New South Wales and Victoria. Kangaroo island is found here and one of the most common tourist destinations. Also including much of the outback, adventurers can take a tour through the Simpson Desert.

New South Wales

To the north of the capital this area is west and south and houses the ever popular Byron Bay and the beach of the same name to the north bordering tentatively on the Gold Coast of Queensland. The largest Australian city of Sydney, often misunderstood to be the capital of Australia, can be found here on the coast in very close proximity to the capital.

Australian Capital Territory

Home to Canberra, the capital of Australia, this tiny area is dedicated to the administration of the country, where parliament sits and where some architectural greats are found.


The second smallest state next to the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria’s capital is the well known Melbourne, found also on the sea line and right opposite Tasmania, and island also forming part of Australia.


An island to the south of Australia it is often known for the drug trade. The capital of this small island is Hobart in the lower parts of the island.

Australia is easy to navigate and the Australian map is a great help when deciding which areas you would like to visit.

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