Australian Culture

Australian Culture

Australian Culture

Australian Culture

Landing in Australia you will be greeted by a very westernised culture despite the fact that this land was first inhabited by aborigines as far back as 60 000 years. Much of the reason for the westernisation of this big country is from historical events including the gold rush, the establishment of mines and even further back than that when Australia was a perfect place to isolate British prisoners. Because of all the culminating events there is a mix of different western cultures and traditions. Almost a quarter of Australians were not born there, while just under half are descended from elsewhere in the western world. Australia is right near the top of the list when it comes to receiving immigrants committed to making a new life here. As a group the Australian culture is open and accepting and non-judgemental.

Modest, honest and sincere

The Australians by nature are a modest crowd. They have their feet firmly set on the ground and a very easy going a laid back group of people. It is often surprising to visitors at just how successful and wealthy the nation is as the Australians are not the boastful type.

Greetings are casual and non ceremonious with the use of first names and very little formality. They are not used to visitors using their slang and may be taken aback when greeted in their own custom. Business interactions are straight to the point and devoid of long winded introductions.

While some countries have a multitude of different languages or at least two official languages, Australia has one language, English, with a diverse range of different dialects all originating from the various cultures that combined to form this one great people.

Eating, eating out and manners

Australians enjoy meat cooked on a fire, much like a BBQ but called a ‘barbie’. It is usually expected as guests to bring your own drinks, Australians are great lovers of beer and fine quality wine. An informal ‘barbie’ may call for guests to even bring their own meat. As the guest at a ‘barbie’, it is polite to bring a small gift of flowers or even a bottle of wine for the hosts. Despite their very casual nature and easy going approach, they are time conscious and are generally on time.

The Australian culture enjoys a meat and vegetable type of cuisine, with breads and traditional salads. Vegemite, a wholesome and tasty traditional Australian topping for bread is unique to this country. Returning from Australia without a jar of this delectable substance would be a sin.

Leisure and pleasure

Apart from surfing, a very popular pastime for all ages, the Australians love their sport. They have get-togethers where they watch it at a local bar or friend’s house. At these informal events they drink beer and show a very united front against the opposing team. These types of social events are very common in Australia. Their dress is very casual, t-shirts, shorts and casual jeans are very common.

A great place to be and a great place to go, Australia can be enjoyed by just about everyone.

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