Australia Beaches

Australian Beaches

Australia is responsible for so much of the surfing slang and much of the surfing gear is named after typical Australian surf phenomena. Australia really has become famous for good beaches and great beach weather, not surprising with over 50 000 kilometres of dazzling coastline. Here is an outline of some of the most well known beaches and things to keep your eyes open for.

Bondi beach

One of the most popular Australian beaches, this can be found off the Sydney about 30 minutes towards the coast. Not only do surfers flock here, but so do so many other visitors who come to enjoy the clean city not far from the sandy shores and other who have other water sports in mind. The beach front is lined with little coffee shops and restaurants, so if you are looking to get out of the sun to satisfy your hunger or thirst momentarily you need not go far. Staying in Bondi as opposed t the city is preferable for backpackers who make the nightlife young and vibrant. The water is cold, even in the summer months, so bring along a wetsuit or rent one.

Surfer’s paradise

Surfer's Paradise Beach

Surfer's Paradise Beach

Found on the Queensland Gold Coast of Australia, where there are not just beaches and sands.

This area has at least 4 theme parks and a wild life sanctuary. Young and old there is much to do here and all kinds of accommodation from camping and caravanning to luxury hotels.

Cable Beach

Here it is all about miles and miles of sparkling white sand with the sea lapping onto it in the distance. Off the coast of Broome on the west coast, it is world famous for its absolute beauty and magnificence. One of the safest beaches for swimming there is also plenty of space for just sizzling in the sun.

Byron Bay Beach

A hive of activities, such as kayaking, parachuting and swimming with dolphins, it is also a social meeting place for people all over the world. This beach is not just sea and sand, it is infamous for use as wedding venues with its very own resident wedding planner.

What to watch out for

The Australian beaches are full of natural inhabitants the=at the locals are only too aware of. The beaches are generally very well patrolled and if there are any nasty elements to be aware of there will be warnings.

Blue bottles can deliver a nasty sting even when they are washed up and seemingly harmless, rather steer clear of them. Salt water crocodiles are not only dangerous to humans but they eat fresh water crocodiles too. You will generally find these when the rivers join the sea so just avoid these parts of the beach.

There is no one beach that can be said to be the best or most beautiful of all Australian beaches, there are so many from white to colourful, some clean and solitary to hustling and bustling and packed with activities. A trip to Australia would not be complete without a day at the beach in the glorious sunshine.

Australian Holiday Packages

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and because of this there is so much to do and see here. Before picking out one of the many Australian holiday packages, decide if you would like a whistle stop tour of Australia, incorporating some of the major highlights of this great country, or if you would like to focus your attention on one particular area. No matter what, it is going to be very difficult to see everything there is on offer.

Beaches and gold coast

The gold coast on the Queensland side of Australia is a centre of many activities focused on holiday makers from all over Australia and even the world. The gold coast includes miles and miles of beaches, theme parks with some of the most hair raising rides, a wild life sanctuary and a dolphin park. Surfing and surfing lessons are common here and camping and caravan parks are in abundance.


Australia contains some of the cleanest and neatest cities in the western world. In Sydney you will find the all popular Sydney Opera House where Australian arts and culture are showcased on sold out events. As one of the most urbanised areas globally, there are a great many architectural works to be seen where modern designers have an opportunity to leave their mark in this world. Another great architectural attraction is the Parliament House in the capital of Canberra. Much of the styles, though modern, have a typical Victorian mingled with Georgian influence.

Indulge in the life of luxury and throw in some luxury yacht cruises out at sea with a perfect view of some of the world’s greatest cities. Art galleries are plentiful and also have a richness in aboriginal art o view. If this is what you are looking for keep a special eye out for the Yiribana Gallery.

The Great Barrier Reef

This gorgeous reef of corals and tropical fish of all shapes, size and colour is one of the natural wonders of the world. Situated on the north east coast it is known to be hot even in the rainy months. Stay on one of the islands and enjoy some snorkelling and diving in the area. The Douglas Gateway is also a sight to behold. This is one of the Australian holiday packages that is the very substance that memories are made of.

The outback

Mostly made up of desert plains and inhabited by the local aborigines, this area is rural and beautiful showing off sunsets only found only on the cover of glossy magazines. The scenery is made up of rocky outcrops and orange sand and dunes. Enjoy a guided tour and some insight into the traditional life and how the resources are used for survival.

In putting together Australian holiday packages, you will find that while some include a variety of activities and areas with transfers between them, others are dedicated to areas or activities. While there is so much to see and do, make your stay enjoyable without spending too much time travelling between destinations.

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